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10/13/2018 06:50Kremlin political prisoners losing hope of release, says mother of one hostage    ( Kyiv Post )
A Ukrainian historian and activist, the 44-year-old Klykh was arrested in the Russian city Orel, where he had gone to see his girlfriend Russian Viktoria ...
09/07/2018 06:55Killer from 90s arrested in Moscow, he killed businessman by order of Medvedkovskaya gang    ( )
... a Moscow apartment building, the Russian Investigative Committee reports. ... One of them, a certain Kitov, was detained several days ago in Orel.
08/10/2018 00:2018 years after Kursk disaster, a sister ship show off sailing all along Norway in surface position    ( The Independent Barents Observer )
Thursday evening, the ÂŤOrelÂť sails the Norwegian Sea north of Lofoten. ... Russian nuclear submarines sail in surface position on similar voyages.
07/29/2018 00:55Orel firefighters arrested in case of corruption    ( )
According to the investigation, with continuous checks, they forced businessmen to be served by the fire safety fund. The day before, the court arrested ...
07/20/2018 15:40Orel official gets away with running down woman and receives commendation    ( )
A court in the Orel region imposed psychiatrist's help on the Assistant to the regional Ombudsman in Khotynetsky district, Alexander Rayder, who in ...
07/09/2018 03:35Accident with the Ukrainians in Russia: mass media called the exact number of dead and injured    (The Koz Telegram)
Diplomats confirmed the deaths of Ukrainians in an accident in Russia - The Koz Telegram
06/30/2018 10:30Russian opposition leader Navalny's brother freed from jail    (
Brother of Russian oppositionist Navalny released after 3,5 years in prison -
06/29/2018 02:35Russia: Sweeping Arrests of Jehovah's Witnesses    ( Human Rights Watch )
Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia and other former USSR countries have .... citizen, Dennis Christensen, continues in Orel, a city in western Russia.
04/26/2018 17:05Jehovah's Witnesses Seek Asylum In Finland    ( World Religion News )
The Russian authorities were asked by Human Rights Watch to drop all charges against Dennis Christensen, a citizen of Denmark. His only crime was to be a member of Jehovah's Witnesses. The Dane has been in custody for about 11 months in Orel. His trial is yet to begin. Human Rights Watch had ...
04/06/2018 00:55Editorial: Where it's a crime to worship God    ( Burlington County Times )
Is it a crime to worship God? Does government have any business dictating the answer? Those who take religious freedom seriously should pay close attention to the trial of Dennis Christensen, which is scheduled to begin Tuesday in Orel, Russia, where belief and practice of a religion are being ...
04/04/2018 16:50Other View: Is it a crime to worship God? According to Russia, yes.    ( Twin Falls Times-News )
How was Christensen threatening the public order and security by delivering a sermon on May 25, 2017, during a Jehovah's Witnesses service in Orel, about 230 miles south of Moscow? The charge sheet, according to Human Rights Watch, says he was "actively involved in organizational work aimed at ...
04/03/2018 08:45Is it a crime to worship God? According to Russia, yes.    ( Washington Post )
Those who take religious freedom seriously should pay close attention to the trial of Dennis Christensen, which is scheduled to begin Tuesday in Orel, Russia, where belief and practice of a religion are being criminalized. Mr. Christensen, 46, a citizen of Denmark, has been held in pretrial detention for ...
04/02/2018 17:00Russia: Jehovah's Witness Faces 10-Year Sentence    ( Human Rights Watch )
Police in Orel arrested Christensen, who has had a Russian residence permit since 2000, on May 25, 2017, during a raid by riot police on a Jehovah's Witness worship service. Christensen, a Jehovah's Witness elder, had given a sermon during the service. He was not on the staff of the Jehovah's ...
03/28/2018 23:40Orel businessman suspected of killing mob's son    ( )
Businessman from the Orel region Vladimir Mukhin is charged with two more murders. Now he will remain in custody until all the circumstances are clarified. Thus, he is accused of four murders, one of which is the murder of the capital's official, as well as son of the criminal shot caller Ilya Vasin.
12/09/2017 03:50RUSSIA: Three more Muslim prisoners of conscience    ( Forum 18 )
A court in Oryol has extended until February 2018 the pre-trial detention of prisoner of conscience and Danish citizen Dennis Christensen. ... been particularly targeted by the authorities (see Forum 18's Russia "extremism" religious freedom survey
11/25/2017 03:55$4.3m stolen from budget allocated for Guards Service training center construction    ( )
In Orel, after the theft of 252 million rubles ($4.3m) of budget funds allocated for the construction of the field-training center for the Federal Guards ... basis of a contract agreement in the framework of a state contract concluded between the Academy of the Federal Guards Service (FSO) of Russia and the ...
10/23/2017 09:25Orel MP gets drunk in karaoke club, insults police officer, faces community service    ( )
Orel Region Council MP representing the Russian Communist Party, Andrey Chizhov, got drunk in a karaoke club and began cursing police officers ...
10/22/2017 17:10Oleg Navalny: "Orel prison inmates slit their wrists." Federal Penitentiary Service denies this    ( )
Oleg Navalny: "Orel prison inmates slit their wrists." Federal ... Moreover, the court ruled Russia has to pay the Navalny brothers € 80 thousand.
09/06/2017 15:30Klykh convicted in Russia under treatment in mental hospital in Magnitogorsk    ( Kyiv Post )
Klykh convicted in Russia under treatment in mental hospital in ... Klykh was arrested on August 11, 2014, in the city of Orel, and imprisoned in Russia.
07/18/2017 05:25Exclusive Interview: Jehovah's Witnesses Banned in Russia; Court Ruling Upheld Today    ( World Religion News )
Jehovah's Witnesses continue to be persecuted in Russia. ... footage on our website,, of raids in the town of Orel by the Russian government.


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